Monday, October 4, 2010

Michael's math profile.

Hey, I'm Michael, and I am a grade 8 math student . If someone asked me if I like math, I would say 'kind of' because sometimes it's easy for me to learn, but at the same time hard to understand. The thing I liked the most in math class, was doing the spinners for circle graphs, and we would all guess which colour it was going to land on !

Last year in grade 7, my favourite unit we studied, was fractions, because it was really easy, and we learned how to add and subtract them. I did well in this unit because, it was very easy for me to understand what was going on, and what was going to come next. The unit I had a hard time was converting the decimals, because sometimes I would get confused.

This year, in grade 8 math, I will become successful, by studying hard and finishing all my homework and getting good grades on tests. I would like to learn more about algebra, and anything else that's new to us and become a better and smarter student for all units.

My favourite blog I did last year, was the one I first did, because it was the day we first learned how to blog and I think I improved throught the year. Blogging helped me a lot because we gave and got feedback from our classmates saying what we can do better next time. I want to do more blogging this year, and just have fun !

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Homework Package

1. pg. 449. - 451 #3-16
2. pg. 444. - 445 #1-8
3. pg. 426. - 427 #1-17
4. pg. 405. - 407 #1.21
5. pg. 327. - 329 #1-21
6. pg. 329. - 322 #1-23
7. pg. 313. - 315 #1-20
8. pg. 270. - 272 #1-15
9. pg. 249. - 251 #1-5
10. pg. 220. - 221 #1-14

Finish !!

Define the words !

Perpindicular: Lines that intersect at a right angle.
Parallel: Two lines that will never cross or meet.
Intersecting: When two lines meet.
Perpendicular Bisector: A line that divides a line segment in half and has right angles to it.
Angle Bisector: A line that divides an angle into two equal parts.
Acute Angle: An angle that is less than 90 degrees.
Right Angle: An angle that is at 90 degrees.

Please finish the homework package & study for you're exams!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Definitions for math,

Mean - Add them all up and divide by how many Numbers are there

Median - The middle number of the arranged data set.

Mode- Number that is repeated the most

Outlier- Much smaller or larger than the others or the one that stands out the most

Variable - A letter that represents an unknown number

Translation- A slide across a line

Rotation- A turn about a fixed point called the center of rotation

Reflection - A mirror image

Every one must make a post for term 3
you also need to comment on all the blogs since April
And don't forget your home work package :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Variables, Expressions, and Equations

Exam Review

This is the video for my scribe post.

Math Exam Review

Mean- Add them all up and divide by how many Numbers are there
Median- The middle number or take both numbers and divied them bye 2
Mode- Number that is repeated the most
Range- Largest - smallest =
Outlier- Much smaller or larger than the others or the one that stands out the most
Variable- A letter that represents an unknown number
Expression- Any single number, variable, combination and a operation involving numbers
Equation- A mathematical statement with 2 equal expressions that involve the same value

Exam Review

Exam Review


Variable - A letter that represents an unknown number.
Expression - Any single number or variable, or a combination of operations involving numbers and variables.
Equation - A mathmatical statment with two expressions that have the same value.

Eg. Variable a,b,c
Eg. Expression 2,x,2x+1
Eg. Equation 1+1=2, 2x=4 , 2+3=4+1

Find and describe the pattern. ID the next 3 terms.
Subtract 6 each time

Is this linear equation x=2y?
False backwards, should be y=2x

Should be y=2x+1


Mean -The sum of a set of values divided by the number of values in a set.
Median - The middle number in a set of data after the data have arranged in order.
Mode - The most frequently occuring number. It can be used more than one.
Range -The difference between the large and small values in a set.
Outlier - A value that is much smaller or larger than the actual answer.

Find the mean,median,mode,range,and outlier.
Mean - 70
Median -75
Mode -73,75
Range -64
Outlier -17