Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Definitions for math,

Mean - Add them all up and divide by how many Numbers are there

Median - The middle number of the arranged data set.

Mode- Number that is repeated the most

Outlier- Much smaller or larger than the others or the one that stands out the most

Variable - A letter that represents an unknown number

Translation- A slide across a line

Rotation- A turn about a fixed point called the center of rotation

Reflection - A mirror image


  1. Great job, Kaecee !
    I really liked how you made the words into an HTML :)
    I think you should've found pictures.
    But it's a good job !

  2. good job kaecee
    next time try and use larger print but over all great job

  3. Good job Kaecee, Everything was nice and neat. I like how you kept the colors simple. I agree with Jeremy, You should make the font a bit bigger next time, but overall nice job! (:

  4. Good job kaecee, it was neat like what jasmin said make the font bigger great job

  5. Good Job Kaecee, I liked how you made words to html. I also liked how you spaced things out. But next time try to make the font bigger.

  6. Great Job Kaecee! The post was very neat and organized, however I thought there wasn't that much information. Also as the other said try to get you font larger next time. Try to get at least one image, a link, and video. (:

  7. Great job Kaecee! The post is very simple but you could have put a little more colour. Next time, put a link or a video to make it longer. ☺