Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Math Exam Review

Mean- Add them all up and divide by how many Numbers are there
Median- The middle number or take both numbers and divied them bye 2
Mode- Number that is repeated the most
Range- Largest - smallest =
Outlier- Much smaller or larger than the others or the one that stands out the most
Variable- A letter that represents an unknown number
Expression- Any single number, variable, combination and a operation involving numbers
Equation- A mathematical statement with 2 equal expressions that involve the same value


  1. Nice job Victoria.The colours were brightful and it is very surprising.Next time you should space them out a little bit but overall it was good.Keep up the good work!

  2. Great job Victoria. I really like how you used a big variety of colors! I agree with Demvry, next time you should space it out a bit.

  3. Good job Victoria! Everything is nice and meat. You could try darker colors to make them stand out next time. Overall good job!:)

  4. good job the colors are very nice

  5. Good Job Victoria! I thought your post was very colorful. Next time, don't use really light colors because if you use light it is very hard to see. Try to space things out more and add an image or two. A video and link would be great too. Nice Job!

  6. Good job.
    Next time, you should spread your definitions apart so it's easier to read.
    I like how to the colours were bold and easy to read.
    You should find pictures next time,

  7. Good Job. I like how their was alot of colour in it. Maybe find a picture

  8. Good Job Victoria. I liked how you used different colours but I think you used too much colours. I suggest next time try not to use light purple coz its hard to read. Next time try to find pictures. good job.

  9. Good job Victoria! I really like the different colours you got and maybe next time, you should space it out more like what Jasmine said. ☺